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The Toro Recycler Advantage

Beneficial To Your Turf

With Toro's recycler technology nutrient-rich clippings are returned to the soil where they quickly decompose and feed the roots for a healthy lush garden.

Environmentally Friendly

Without the need to remove clippings there is no need for disposal bags, and you help the environment through eliminating transportation costs and landfill use.

Time Savings

Spend less time emptying grassbags with Toro's recycling technology. Because the finely chopped clippings are returned to the soil, there are no bags to empty. Simply adjust to recycler mode to make quick work of mowing any garden.

How does recycling work?

1 Blade Technology

Grass is cut and lifted up by Toro's high-lift blades. These blades create a powerful updraft that lifts the grass for a clean, even cut. The blade also keeps the clippings airborne to ensure they are thouroughly processed.

2 Cutting Chamber

The unique shape of the cutting chamber is optimised for each product to ensure the best recycling performance. Tests are performed for each product, to optimise grass clipping cirulation and recycling.

3 Kickers

Strategically placed kickers in the cutting chamber divert the clippings back into the blade for additional cutting. The grass clippings are small enough to be useful to your lawn as nutrients and will not add thatch to the turf.

4 Accelerator

After clippings have been thouroughly processed, accelerators create an outward force to push clippings down to the turf. This ensures the clippings filter through the grass plants and leave no after-cut residue. In the end, valuable nutrients and moisture are returned to the turf.

Find the right Recycler for your garden.

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